Earth Music

Earth Music


Basalt column - stoic, solemn,

square-jawed face all chiseled grace -

extruded from the molten core,

the bass line of this river place.

Granite boulder, so much older

than an ancient redwood tree -

tossed and tumbled, rolled and rumbled . . .

now solid as a middle C.

Tiny pebbles, you’re the treble -

sparkling high notes in my hand.

Pounded by the tides and tempests,

turning sooo slowly into sand.

Rock of ages, eons, epochs …

keeping time for all to see -

new and flowing, old and knowing -

part of our Earth’s great symphony.

Stella Castella


It’s interesting to me to take two unrelated things (in this case rocks and music) and combine them in one poem; it’s kind of unexpected, and sort of like what a political cartoonist does for humorous effect.