Valerie Worth

Garage Sale


Coming home, carrying

A pair of chipped china

Swans, a scuffed

Jigsaw puzzle, and a

Perfectly good coat

That very nearly fits,


We could not quite

Forget one elderly

Cigar box, holding a

Few brown iron

Bolts and some other

Mournful metal bits.


Valerie Worth



Autumn Geese


One long




The whole



Valerie Worth


I found both of these beauties in a book called All the Small Poems and Fourteen More.  Here is a quote from the poet that really just says so much, in my opinion. 


“Never forget that the subject is as important as your feeling:  The mud puddle itself is as important as your pleasure in looking at it or splashing through it.  Never let the mud puddle get lost in the poetry – because, in many ways, the mud puddle is the poetry.”  (Another Jar of Tiny Stars, Cullinan and Wooten)