Seventh Grade Poems

I would again like to offer a special welcome to Ali Kretschmer’s seventh grade students from LaGrande, Oregon.  They have been writing some poetry, and here are some of the results.  These poems definitely painted pictures and planted feelings in my mind!  I can also see evidence that these students incorporated some of the poetry writing tips that I shared with them in my previous post.  I tried to replicate exactly the capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and spacing employed by these poets; if I made any mistakes, I’m so sorry. Thank you all very much for your contributions! 



Lazy Days

Stay up late, wake up late

Old disney movies time!

Hungry, starving it’s the Hunger Games!

Shop until you drop!

Soak up a little sun

Get a refreshment!

Starbucks all the way!

End a great day roller skating

Fall down


Brittany Robles




ACL Surgery

The mall is crammed

with all different types of people.

Zig-zagging through the crowds,

we search for the next store.

Eating our vanilla ice cream cones

on a bench

outside the shoe store,

an occasional stare as I sit

in the mall wheelchair.

People asking,

what is wrong with your leg?

As my mom pushes me

to our next destination.

Smiles growing

as another shopping bag fills my hands.

Karsen Williams



Beach Day

Hot sand burns the soles of my feet,

Sandals dangle from my fingertips.

Footprints show the way I’ve come like train tracks,

But disappear with each passing wave.

My towel on the sand is warmed by the sun

As I spike the volleyball over the net.

Sand explodes around the ball’s impact.

Tight fins are strapped to my feet,

The mask suctioned to my face, as

The tube whistles quietly with each breath.

Cool water saturates my skin;

Salt on my lips.

Colorful parrot fish crunch coral,

Aquatic plants sway,

Beach day

Lara Insko




My Spring Break 

There’s nothing more

enjoyable than this!

The blazing sun brighter

 than pure white snow.

The warmth in the

 air warmer than California.

The blooms and blossoms

are better than Florida’s sky.

And the wind blowing

your hair into your eyes.

Unlike the overheated

Stuff from New Mexico.

All of these are

part of my Spring break.

Jaylynn Madison




The clouds are rumbling.

Heat bounces off the ground.

Under the covers we all like to stay,

nestled in our beds.

drizzling rain rolls down our windows,

excitement on our faces

when we hear the rumble,

racing to the windows

when we hear the crackle

then sun is hiding behind the clouds

time flies by.

our spring break has been cold

rainy and wet.

mother says were fine

spring break!

we need more time!

Tori Bowen



My Spring Break days

Netflix is our go to,

Every day of the week.

The nights we never sleep.

Season after season,

Episode after episode,

Pretty Little Liars, Scrubs, Greys Anatomy.

We’re all turning into,

Nocturnal animals…

Jacie Howton



The Majestic Swag of Spring

On Twitch TV

I will be watching Mianite,

CaptainSparklez’s Point of view.

I will listen to music,

Dubstep to be exact.

And I’ll turn my sound up to max.

The soothing bass,

It’s like a hot shower at half past ten on a Friday night.

I’ll be watching Netflix

As I make a cake with some good mix.

Then I will try out my new kicks.

But then, I realize, I’m out of tricks.

Chris Kirby (Techyomo Quintavious-Jasmine Wonder)



Perks of Spring Break

            Spring Break is always fun,

                        24/7 got my music on.

                        Popcorn with the fam,

got the tissues by the couch so if we get sad.

                        Call of Duty with my bro,

My bossness killin’ it while by bro gets scoped.

            I hear a gunshot to the left,

            there’s been a lot of deaths.

Alexia Gray



Movie Night During The Spring

During the day you

fish with friends,

flounders fighting,

friends freaking.


Netflix at night,

chewing on popcorn kernels,

licking butter off your fingers.

Watching movies till midnight,

Action and comedies.


Falling asleep feels like

you’re in the movie,

the wind on your face,

deeper and deeper,


Dahlia Hedges



Spring Break Poem

 he wait is over

spring break is here.

Time for camping,

Dirt bike riding is near!

Camp fire burning the rear,

the s’mores are here!


arms reeling,

steelhead fighting,

silver flashes blinding!

Spring break is here!

Craig Romine



Ups and Downs of Spring Break


Popcorn and movies

With fruit smoothies.


                                                            But also getting sores

                                                            From doing all my chores.

Camping at wallowa lake,

And eating my birthday cake.


                                                            Vacuuming my floor,


And walking on the shore.


                                    Now as you can see

                                    This is spring break to me.

Brixton Walker



Warm Days

Camping with the fam bam

Music loud, Sun out

Cool breeze, Iceez

Tanning and fanning

at the beach.

Aspyn Wallender