As we turn over a new calendar page - to a significant month in many ways, the beauty of possible CONNECTION is on my mind.  We are connected to those who share our immediate DNA.  We are connected to those who share our vision for the world.  We are also connected to everyone else, I think!  I feel fortunate to have many connections to lots of lovely people.  In some cases, these connections are very visible and highly regular.  In other cases, the threads of connection are less obvious. 


On this morning after Election Day, I know that I am connected to both those who voted my way and those who exercised their franchises differently – even to those who didn't choose to participate.  Most certainly we are also connected, in a variety of ways, to the people who are citizens of other countries.   We are even connected (in ways we're not necessarily aware of) to all of the plants and animals with whom we share this planet.  It is one big, remarkable web of connection – and for me, a tree (with multiple branches) is a good metaphor.  If you are reading this, thanks for staying connected to me in this way!

I Remember November

I remember November;

she's the auntie who

always reminds us to

say please and thanks.

Stella Castella




November can be

a different kind of

gathering time -

a chance to get right

in heart and head

before the darkest

days of December.

Stella Castella


Let me be …


Thankful, every day, for

Having friends that are family

And family members who are friends;

Nature to enjoy, with wide-open senses;

Knowledge, often fleeting, but always welcome

For filtering the events of the world, past and present, and

Ultimately, most of all, for the power (in all forms) of

Love that connects us to one another, somehow,

   across the years, miles, and gulfs of grief or

   misunderstanding – even when it seems unlikely.

   Especially then.

Stella Castella