October is very much associated with the color orange; this is no surprise, right?  We see it frequently – in all the familiar places.  Remember Opposite Day when you were a kid? (No means yes and yes means no).  I would like to call attention right now to the opposite of orange: blue.  


It is mostly thought of as a color, but it is interesting that the word is also used to describe a feeling – one that is familiar to many as the days grow shorter.  (In case you have some doubts about October and all that it entails, please see Lines Written in the Days of Growing Darkness by Mary Oliver – posted recently on my FB page, courtesy of Janet Morrison.  It definitely did something for me!) 


If you find yourself feeling blue (and listening to some great blues music doesn’t help) turn to the balancing effect of that color’s complement: orange.  You can still find some blossoms, spectacular leaves are just around the corner, and maybe (like me) you can find it in the eye of a friendly dog.  If you are desperate, paint something the best orange you can find – or better yet, mix your own.  Just mixing a good orange is therapeutic.



 October Knows

October knows

a thing or two

about seeing orange

and feeling blue.

Stella Castella

So Many Blues

So many blues,

impossible hues

I see through

the holes

in the clouds.

What can it mean

in the grand scheme

of things? 

I don’t know, and

neither do you.

Stella Castella