Sharing the Seasons: A Book of Poems I



Autumn, the year’s last,

lovliest smile.

William Cullen Bryant



The Scarecrow Prince


A scarescrow stands

     among the corn;

his hair is wild,

     his pants are torn,

and on his head,

     a hat quite worn-

crumpled, faded,

     and forlorn.

But when the sum

     shines down on him,

his golden hair

      and friendly grin,

it seems to me

     a prince is born –

Royal Keeper of

     The Corn.

Terry Webb Harshman



I found both of these in a collection I will probably consult again and again.   Sharing the Seasons:  A Book of Poems.  The poems were selected (and in some cases authored) by a giant in this field, Lee Bennett Hopkins.  The illustrations were done by David Diaz.