One Day in Seattle

One Day in Seattle

One day in Seattle

I sat by the Sound.

The salmon were jumping,

the birds flew around.

The seagulls were begging

for morsels of bread,

as ominous clouds

gathered high overhead.


A ferry went out,

and a ferry came in.

It started to rain,

I got soaked to my skin.

Seattle is lovely,

but I cannot lie –

without an umbrella

it’s hard to stay dry.


Jack Prelutsky


I selected this poem for this week, because I know that several of my local teacher friends traveled this (long) weekend – and some of them went to Seattle, our closest regional hub of exciting city activity.  I invite you all to submit your favorite place poems – either authored by you, the kids in your care, or a poet whose work you particularly enjoy.


I found this poem in The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders by Jack Prelutsky.  It is illustrated by Petra Mathers.  It contains several poems based on particular places – as well as a variety of others.  Mr. Prelutsky, it seems, has long been fascinated with places.  You can find lots of other place poems in his Ride a Purple Pelican and also in Beneath a Blue Umbrella.  Both of these are illustrated by Garth Williams; I’m certain that you’ll recognize his work!  These poems are consistently short and would make a nice invitation to your own students to write about some of their favorite places – perhaps even in a rhyming style.